Michael Thomas Murray

AEA, Local 802

Height 5’8”

Weight 140 lbs

Hair/Eyes: Brown/Hazel

Voice: Baritone



MIND OF A MURDERER                                             Chris Bolduc                                     Investigative Discovery

MONUMENTAL MYSTERIES                                      Meriwether Lewis                             Travel Channel

CELEBRITY GHOST STORIES: LAINIE KAZAN           Peter Daniels                                     Biography Channel

MYSTERIES AT THE MUSEUM                                   Meriwether Lewis                             Travel Channel

KILLING THE DOG                                                        Jack                                                    Conor Stratton, Dir

FUTUREMAN                                                               Michael Nostradamus                      Carl Worner, Dir


ECHOES OF ETTA                                                       Pianist/Vocalist/Conductor             Joe's Pub, Birdland, NYC

50 SHADES! THE MUSICAL                                       On-stage Pianist/Conductor           The Elektra Theater, NYC

FOREVER DUSTY                                                        On-stage Pianist/Conductor           The Elektra Theater, NYC

WOODY ALLEN’S MURDER MYSTERY BLUES         Lenny Mendel                                   59E59, NYC

EVERYTHING IN THE GARDEN (Albee)                     Gilbert                                                John Houseman Studio Thtr, NYC

SMOKEY JOE’S CAFÉ                                                  Featured Singer/Pianist                   Depot Theater, Westport, NY

DIAL M FOR MURDER                                                Max Halliday                                     Cortland Repertory Theater, NY

GREAT GOOGLEY MOO                                             Don Piano                                         Crossroads, NJ; Sage, NYC

BATBOY                                                                       Rick/Lorraine/Dillon                          Phoenix Theater, Indpls, IN

STARDUST                                                                   Tony Glenn/Pianist                           Harlequin Productions, WA

SMOKEY JOE’S CAFÉ                                                  Featured Singer/Pianist                   Plays in The Park, NJ

COLE AND NOEL                                                        Cole Porter                                        American Cabaret Thtr, Indpls, IN

FRENCH CABARET MASTERS                                    Jaques Brel                                         ACT, Indpls

MAN OF LA MANCHA                                                The Barber                                         ACT, Indpls

HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS                                              Chaplin/Groucho                               ACT, Indpls

PIRATES OF PENZANCE                                             Major General                                  Yale Gilbert & Sullivan Society





ACTING: Peter Miner, T Schreiber Studios, Stephen Jobes, Rob Ruggiero,Albert Cullum, Harry O’Reilly, William Metzo

VOICE: Christoph Spaeth, Michael Belnap, Linda Sherman

MOVEMENT: Jack Copeland, Ricardo Melendez


PIANO: Ken Fary, Joan Gerzon, Harris Ullian

SPECIAL SKILLS: Conductor, Composer, Arranger, Pianist, Guitar, Electic bass, Music Director

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